Monday, January 25, 2010

Product Shots - Elique Organics

Last weekend I did my first product photo shoot for my dear friend Elisha - owner of Get Waxed Salon in Venice as well as the creator of her own amazing skin care line Elique Organics - Complete Skin Nutrition. This particular new line is in all antique and vintage glass jars, lined with beeswax along with a beeswax overlay and has been picked up by ABC Home in NYC! I was lucky enough to score a LARGE tub of the yummy skin food lotion - and I have to tell you - my skin is super soft! Way to go Elisha

Shooting products is harder then it sounds, the glass and the silver are VERY REFLECTIVE and it took a bit of trial and error on my part to get it just right. In the end - I basically covered every source of natural light in the room just allowing for a tiny bit to come from the side - used no flash and had a white backdrop which as it turns out was enough light to make the products pop and yet still allow you to see the yummy details in the vintage silver.

Next up - HEADSHOTS of my friend Chad this week and then an 80's themed costume/birthday party this weekend!

I may have started this business with only babies and pregnant women in mind - but the jobs I am getting are spanning many other areas and frankly as a photographer who just loves to shoot - I am not turning anything down!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The mystery behind the pen

I was recently sent this link from a friend for a cool quirky service that I think deserves a nod.

Call me Cyrano - is a service that will help you write everything from resumes and cover letters, online dating profiles, letters to collection agencies and even one hilarious one to people who were having crazy loud lovin sessions and keeping their neighbors awake!

As I am on the job hunt and trying the internet dating thing I am thinking of giving it a try. When you want to say it - but don't have the words, have your own Cyrano for hire.

So cool!