Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping up with the Jones's....

Yesterday I got a chance to play around on Lightroom by Adobe.  All this time I thought Aperture - by Apple was sufficent for photo editing.  
Lightroom makes all the difference in the world!  Between organization and workflow, to digital processing tools that blew my mind ....I now have Camera envy, iPad envy and now SOFTWARE envy!! What's a girl to do?
Find a way to make a lot of money fast that's what! Anyone want to donate $300 for software?  Anyone...anyone....?

Current wish list:
Cannon 5D Mark II camera body
Cannon 50 mm 1:4 prime lens
Lightroom 3 Editing Software
iPad 2
Oh yeah and lets not forget the iMac computer

Being a tech geek and a photographer is not cheap!