Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guerrila Shooting

Sometimes you have the best light, the best weather/conditions, a totally mellow baby and all the time in the world to shoot. Other times you have 20 minutes before the sun sets, chilling air with gale force winds and a beautifully dressed mom and babe with the babe all about doing anything but staying still! Regardless you have to work with what you get and sometimes it is this "Guerrilla" style shoot (as coined by mom) that you can get the best real life moments.

In the end - I may not have gotten the photo I had envisioned in my head - but I did get some wonderful candid moments of mum and daughter having some girl time during the sunset at the beach.

The best part? Mum LOVED the outcome - and is willing and excited to do more.

To see more of this shoot - visit my website and look at LuLu in Client Galleries.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hulu has become my nemesis.

I decided MUCH to late to re-watch all of LOST from the begining and I am only going to be finished with Season 2 by the time the final season airs tomorrow evening - and that is only if I watch 9 more in the next 24 hrs! Doubtful as I do have things to accomplish - like editing the photos from the 80's birthday soiree I was commissioned to shoot on Saturday night.

But I am addicted to it now.

This season should be exciting, and I can't wait to see Ms. Shelia Kelly - founder of my favorite dance movement class S-Factor on the show. She is a recurring character - most likely an "Other" this season - and all of us S girls who are fans of the show are looking forward to seeing it.

I have been so sucked in to the world of LOST that I am dreaming of plane crashes and jungles, desert islands and "others". I wonder if subconsciously it is what made me decide to go on the 2 week cleanse I started this morning. My dining room table is just pile after pile of fruits and veggies, and the refrigerator is more of the same - and the only protein I bought at Whole Paycheck was fish.

The desert island diet.

Well if it will get me closer to having a body more like Kate - then bring it on.

But I so wish I could pour myself a glass of wine..........No wine on the Desert Island diet!

Day one of the cleanse - this should be fun.