Monday, January 31, 2011

A Global Friendship

Too many months I have not written - in fact too many months I have not picked up my camera! But NO MORE! Time to get back into it.

First off - I GOT A JOB. I tried not to have to go back to "working for the man" for as long as possible, and luckily I succeeded! I am now working for THE WOMAN! I am also working to help make the world a better and more beautiful place and I couldn't be more excited! How am I doing all these amazing things with one job you ask?

A Global Friendship

An amazing Non-for-profit started by a woman with an incredibly inspiring story and desire to help make the world a better place and having some great success at it!

Funny thing is as I am about to start working in sales for them (will post photos of the very cool products when I get my samples) as well as help plan a fund raiser down here etc - in other words about to get BUSY - I find I am more inspired to write, to shoot to do all the things I love to do!

The creative juices are flowing - the idea of doing something with meaning is the biggest inspiration around! It's true - and I plan to do what I can to help our world - in any small way I can.

Have a beautiful day!