Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Beautiful Family

Just a few snaps from a Post-Wedding Family brunch last week in Port Jefferson NY.

First Cousin of the next generation.....

The happy couple enjoying their wedding cake for breakfast - how great is that??

Cousin Jack - What a handsome boy!!!

New Neighborhood

Big boats, beautiful birds and lots of lizards EVERYWHERE!

That pretty much sums up the new neighborhood!

The Big Move

What a long time it has been. Taking 4 months off posting on my blog would be considered completely unacceptable....if I had anyone besides myself reading it!

Moving is never fun. Moving across the country by yourself with your dog and cat is even less of a good time - but after 6 days, 5 motels, 3 major rainstorms and one check engine light going on later - we made it to our new home in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The biggest crime of it all was that my camera stayed packed away for the first 2 1/2 months that I was here settling in! I didn't realize how terrible it made me feel until the day I pulled it out to take a walk around my new neighborhood with the pup. I felt as though I had been missing a limb all that time and didn't even realize it! My camera is back in action and all is right with the world for now.

I have seen some interesting things so far - and have much to explore, but my favorite was running into this local man and his "gussy girl", making me think Ft. Lauderdale may just have some real potential for photography!