Saturday, February 16, 2013

and then there were 2

In recognition of the fact that I can't start every blog post admonishing myself for neglecting my blog and all of the events in my life for 2012 this will be the last time.....probably.....well we shall see.

Aside from not following the growth and magical moments of my little monkey's life in the past year, honestly I am not sure there is a more photographed child, but I also completely disregarded announcing the arrival of his sister.

Bad Zia

Yes we had a new arrival last year, exactly 1 year and 1 week after Chase Kalman was born, on October 31st 2012 we were graced with the arrival of Alexandra Primrose - who hence forward will be referred to by the name she has been called since she was an hour old.  Primrose.  Or Prim, or my lady bug. 

Sadly Ms. Prim and I didn't get the immediate boding experience as my monkey and I did  After yet ANOTHER long, grueling and dare I admit far worse labor for my sister - I swear I don't know how she did it, it was determined - far to late in my opinion, that the big girls shoulders were turned wrong and she was trapped - so in the blink of an eye we were cleared out and sis was whisked into surgery for the emergency C-Section, without me.  The result of that was that I could only view her through the glass of the nursery and was unable to hold her until much later in the day.  Then, as I now live in my own apartment and have a job, unlike when Chase arrived and we all lived together so he actually slept in my room for the first week, my visits with Ms. prim were few and brief her first few weeks.

Well none of that matters, because now I am in love all over again.

Alexandra Primrose 1 week old
Ms. Prim and her Zia on Zia's 40th birthday.  She is already a pro at dining out 6 weeks old.

My Beautiful sister and her family

So now we have what they call "Irish Twins" in the family.  1 year and 1 week apart. It's not easy I will tell you that and I am amazed at my sisters strength in the face of sleep deprivation, she is 7 years younger then me - but still.  Currently we have 2 teething children, one running all over and beginning to talk, and one who will be soon trying to crawl.  Chaos is a tame word for it at times, but the joy they bring far outweighs anything else.   Easy for Zia to say as she gets to go home to her bed, bubble bath and bottle of wine but I try not to rub that in.

The best part is that they will grow up together, so close in age that they will be each others companions, playmates and friends.  I am sure we have a lot of fighting and crying ahead of us as well, but for now- Chase loves to hug and kiss his little sister and watching him, which she does constantly, makes Prim smile.

and then there were 2

And so a lifelong adventure begins......

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