Thursday, May 2, 2013

Social Media Meltdown

Did you know that experts say anyone can be found via social media in 12 hours?

Frightening maybe - but for me I don't think it's true. You would be more likely to find me before you finish typing my name in the Goggle search bar. 

And it's all my own fault.

I don't know what's scarier. This image, the fact that 2 more on page 2 are also me, or that there are SO MANY Amanda Dugan's out there in the world. 

(in case you were wondering 4 of these are me plus 2 more on the bottom I couldn't fit in the screen shot) 

I have mixed feelings about this. 

On one hand this is the way of the world now.  Then of course there is the fact that I am guilty of putting myself out there and I mean REALLY out there into the social media stratosphere which in and of itself is a strange place. It's like a weird popularity contest in the middle of a never ending massive networking event where the cheese is stale and the wine is cheap and served in small plastic tumblers. But don't forget to "check in"!

On the other hand the more visible I get as I gain coveted followers, fans and likes makes me feel victorious..... which is unsettling when I think about it.  

It also means if I ever committed a crime I would have to go hide in a jungle in Nicaragua.  

Of course they have the internet there.  They live in houses with mud floors and corrugated tin sheet walls but they have satellite dishes. 

So currently  I have the following accounts: (Facebook proper is a given)

This little owl? Well he represents my newest one - Hootsuite which is a tool that helps me organize all of these accounts - which was getting increasingly difficult.

AND - lest we forget my job requires me to Tweet, update our company Facebook  monitor our LinkedIn page and Group and of course stay in touch with journalists and be in the know for what's #trending.

Between my work world and my personal life I feel I am on one social media network or another - and thanks to Hootsuite multiple ones at one time - for probably a significant portion of my waking hours.

Oh - and I am a "member" on The Huffington Post, make comments, have followers etc.

The thing is I spend so much of my time writing in 140 to 225 characters complete with the ever present #hashtag that I realize I never take the time to actually WRITE anymore.  Like a journal entry, a blog, a story. Although the length regulations has helped me get my point across in a more expedient manor instead of rambling on and on and getting side tracked in what I am trying to say on paper....wait where was I going with this?

So now I write in soundbites with hashtags.  

My love of photography is strong which is probably why half of my social networks are visually based (my website, Tumblr, Pinterest, my FB page), but only eclipses my love of writing by a small margin.

I studied communications.  I am a Public Relations Director and Social Media Marketer.  I was always the "chatty" one in grade school and high school.  I was very vocal in college.  Maybe it's something that is just inherently a part of communicate.

I just need to get back into practice of writing more then 140 characters. 

So my goal  is to write more, tell more stories, share more experiences both visually and with the pen, or keyboard as it were.  Of course I realize that the more I share, well the more impossible it will be for me to #flyundertheradar or "go off the grid". 

Oh well it's obviously to late to turn back now. I mean even when I was in Nicaragua I posted pictures to my Facebook.  It's a hard habit to break, and of course everyone else was doing it too.

So more real writing. More photography. More internet visibility.  Maybe when I Google my name in the future the whole first page - or at least first 5 hits will be about me. I just hope it's not  for anything bad......

In the meantime I wish the '#' symbol didn't take 3 clicks to get to on the iPhone keyboard it makes it more difficult to tweet.  #FirstWorldProblems

Hey #Apple could you do something about that?

Oh, and of course....don't forget to follow me! :-)

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  1. lol. Look me up and you'll see how wacky my life's path has, yoga teacher, business owner it's ALL out there. It's probably the strongest reason for me taking my husband's name (if I ever do!). hahahaa