Monday, August 12, 2013

Cheater Cheater Pizza Eater

I am cheating on myself.  Which sounds really bizarre I know.  The thing is with the Littledude and Ladybug in my life I have used my camera a lot less.....although recently I went crazy shooting them for a few days....but instead I have been cooking a LOT more.

I have been posting on Facebook about some of my culinary adventures, the hits and the spectacular misses as I go.... and family members, as well as a few friends kept asking for I did the inevitable.

I started yet ANOTHER BLOG!

Heirlooms at a farm stand in New Jersey

Zia's Kitchen is all about Gluten Free and "Kid Friendly" cooking.  I am trying to cook super healthy for them, but sometimes in order to get veggies in the little dude I have to resort to trickery - covered in a lot of cheese!

All the photography is of course be mine, of course while in the midst of cooking and getting dinner to the table I don't get much time to whip out the Canon. So the iPhone and my sub par kitchen lighting has to do.  Thank god for the apps Camera Awesome (same people who I built my websites with) and Instagram.  

My kitchen the other night

So check out Zia's Kitchen at  The address was already taken by a restaurant somewhere. Booo and I thought I was being original! 

I will work on upgrading the photography to my normal level, as a family friend said upon seeing my photography for the first time last night at Sunday dinner..."wow, you take good pictures of food"

Awwww thanks.  Combining my 2 of my favorite hobbies in the world...Food & Photography.  Now if I could just get more travel in there somewhere!

Organic Farm in New Jersey

Farmers Market in North Yorkshire, England

Farmers Market in North Yorkshire, England

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