Thursday, December 1, 2011

And now for something POSITIVE!

So while I lost my job AND my best four-legged-fury friend this month I have been a total asshole of an auntie and NOT posted the BIGGEST news of the past 35 days - the arrival of my pwerfect litrle man - my nephew Chase Kalman!  Below is the moment I fell madly in love after watching my sister go through 25 hrs of hell to get him here (by the way I think single women who still want children should not be allowed to watch the birthing process from start to finish!)   But 10 mins later he was in my arms and I was in mad crazy love.

October 25th 2011

I am sure there will be MANY posts about him in the future as I have a BAZILLION photos on my phone and we plan to do his first photo shoot in the next few days!  But today when his mom - who shared a life with Asher girl almost as long as I did - read my post and texted me simply...  "Snif..."  :-(  She then did the best. 

She sent this picture of what appears to be his first real (non-gas-related) SMILE

I LOVE my little man!

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