Thursday, December 1, 2011

RIP my girl Asher November 14th 2011

I was to upset to post about this when it first happened - but it's high time now.  You deserve a tribute my loving Asher boo boo - for being my faithful friend and companion for over 12 years.

I am forever grateful for that morning 12 years ago where, hung - over I did not end up calling in sick to my 6:30AM spin class I taught at the Marina Fitness Center.  When I saw the fitness director walk in with you, all 6-weeks-old with floppy-to-big-for-your-body silky, glossy ears you, I couldn't wait to wrap up the class and come see you.  When I asked whose you were, she put you in my arms and said "yours if you want her.  If not we are on our way to the pound" oh that was the moment.

When you looked up at me with those huge chocolate brown liquid love eyes of yours and kissed my face I knew that was it.  You chose me for your human,  life as I knew it was over, and a new chapter was about to begin.

The ensuing years were chaos and love enter-twined daily. You were sweet and playful and damaged enough property for a whole litter-full of puppies.  Shoes, socks, down comforters, car headrests, every single toy labeled "indestructible" we could find, and then the oriental rug worth more then my car.  You ate anything that was not nailed down (and sometimes things that were nailed down)  A dirti martini, countless loaves of bread, trays of freshly made mancotti - of course Ben and Pagoda helped you with that one - a pot roast for 10 and famously a bag of pot when you were a year old.  That one scared us a little - but you had a tummy of steel and just moved on to the next thing.

You had energy abounds, could catch a bounced ball 3 - 4 ft in the air and your obsessions/joys in life were the ball and torturing Ben.  Later in years you tolerated and mothered a kitty I put on you and mourned the loss of Ben with me for a very long time.

You moved 3 times in Venice with me, road tripped to Colorado and then we embarked on that 2,700 mile cross country trip together, just you me and the cat. You were such a trooper and a great traveling companion.  You never minded me singing in the car and loved to hang your head out the window and smile.

You didn't love it when I traveled all the time.  When picking me up at the airport you would be so excited you were beside yourself, until you remembered you were mad at me so you would of course have to cop a 'tude and turn away from me, with holding kisses for at least an hour.  But you always forgave me in the end.  I will admit it took longer for me to forgive you when you destroyed the one designer suitcase I had ever indulged to buy - but we always came back around for each other.

You kept me safe from intruders, especially that dangerous mailman dude - I mean who did he think he WAS coming up to our house every day like that?  You loved the FedEx and UPS men because they knew to bring you treats and on one of our scariest days you threw yourself between me and a dog 3 times your size who was attacking , getting yourself almost killed and severely injured in the process - all to protect me.

You loved the beach but hated deep water and I am truly sorry I tried to get you to swim in the pool once we moved to Florida. You took your job of protecting gram and mom and I very seriously here in Fl and put up with yet another cat we forced on you.

You were a marvel as you were diagnosed with Cushings Disease at 7 and made it until 12 - farther then all the vets warned me.  In your final days as you were going down, you were the brave one and I am sorry it took me so long to hear you trying to tell me it was time to let you go.

Putting you down was one of the most painful and dreadful days I have had, and I still find myself looking around the house for you, expecting to see you when I walk in the door wagging your tail and bringing me your ball. It's been hard to be without you.

In the end I feel truly blessed that you chose me to be your human and you showered me with unconditional love everyday we were together for the past 12 years.  I will never forget you and I do hope there is a heaven for dogs and you are up there with Ben, on a beach wagging your tail and chasing a ball with that big smile on your face.
 Asher August 5 1999 - November 14 2011

I will love you and miss you forever.


  1. I love this Amanda. Obviously a very true true love. I wish I know Asher, he sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for openly sharing this love, it's touching! Miss you.

  2. Beautiful tribute. Beautiful pooch. Beautiful you. Thank you for sharing. <3